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well, i’m trying to learn c# and unity together. actually, unity has a ”unity learn” web page for beginners which is awesome because you don’t need anything else but there is a little problem about… i don’t know, i guess about me. i feel like i can’t learn to code in unity unless there is a real project. maybe i will make monthly game challenges that i create small games in the coming days. i don’t know.

there is a thing that people must not forget: “first thing first.” for example, if you want to learn unity(as game engine) but don’t know anything about c#; don’t start to learning with unity. start with c#. and no, javascript isn’t equal with c#. and no, making games with html’s canvas isn’t same thing with making actual games. and yes, you can use visual studio code with c#, thanks to extensions.

yes, i get it. web 3.0 is good thing am i right? anybody can create content about everything. look at wikipedia, twitter, youtube, facebook… i mean, there is a lot of social media platforms that you can create content in it which is ok because “free speech ;)” but i am tired. people are so mean and i don’t want to read them like used to be. i am scared now you know? i am afraid to write a tweet about my thoughts on global warming or learning new programming languages or something. communication should have been a good thing but it isn’t.

oh, nevermind. like i said, “hello world. i should write a microblog because there is nobody to write a bad comment in here.”